Lille imposes its street marketing style - streetdiffusion
The city of Lille decorates access to some of its public bins with hopscotch. An initiative to encourage passersby to put their waste in these baskets. Street marketing for the environment
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marelle poubelle Lille - Street Diffusion

Lille imposes its street marketing style

We usually associate street marketing with advertising to sell. But this is not always the case and the city of Lille shows it well. In recent weeks, we see tags everywhere in the central district of Lille. We are not in the playground of a primary school, but in the street. 1, 2, 3 … to the trash.

Educational street marketing

campagne propreté Lille - street diffusion



The city of Lille has set up hopscotch to encourage its citizens to use public garbage cans.

A fun street marketing, but especially educational for the inhabitants of this city. About fifteen of these hopscotch have been tagged with bright colors so that we can notice them.


Cleanliness campaign in the 59

The city is not at its first stroke to promote the use of public bins with bright colors. Before hopscotch, she came up with these two ideas.

campagne propreté Lille - street diffusion campagne propreté Lille - street diffusion






In your city, have you seen similar cases? Street marketing for the community?

Photo credits:@lillefrance