Street marketing actions on bus shelters : our Top 10 - streetdiffusion
Bus shelters, a communication medium highly appreciated by major brands. Street Diffusion has made a small selection of 10 street marketing actions on the networks: McDonald's, Nespresso, Black Opium, Citroën are at the rendezvous.
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street marketing abribus - Street Diffusion

Street marketing actions on bus shelters : our Top 10

You’ve probably seen at least one original advertisement that uses a bus shelter as support. All means are good to attract the attention of consumers. Shelters are one of the favorite places for street marketing agencies and communication agencies.


-It is a strategic place because very and always frequented

-People spend a few minutes and have time to enjoy, to experiment

-bus shelter is a communication support that can be infinitely adapted to make its com

Free samples: the buzzing strategy

A few years ago, we found free launch samples in magazines and shops. Since then, vending machines have taken over. Brands find an idea each time to engage consumers. Some use the QR Code, others social networks

Hi five McCain - street diffusion

High five for McCain Fries

McCain, for his fried potato advertising, has dared the high five. Consumers receive a free ticket from their Home Chips after topping.

Café gratuit Mc Donalds - street diffusion

Free McDonald’s coffee beans

McDonald’s offered coffee beans. From March 26 to April 1, the fast-food giant organized a “free coffee” operation in all McDonalds and McCafé in France. Until noon, Arabica coffees were offered.










tic tac - street diffusion

Tic Tac duo of strawberries in bus shelters

street marketing Black Opium - street diffusion

Launch of Black Opium Eau de Parfum








Visual communication: when the brand is needed

The most famous brands are easily identified by consumers. That’s why their street marketing speaks especially with the visual

street marketing Ikea - street diffusion

Ikea invites you under the bus shelters

street marketing Rayban - street diffusion

Street marketing of RayBan











street marketing Nespresso - street marketing

Nespresso coffee machine

Patate chaude McCain - street diffusion

« McCain Ready Baked Jackets »








Citroën Berlingo - street diffusion

Street marketing of the new Citroën Berlingo

3M vitre blindée - street diffusion

Shatterproof windows of 3M security glass